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  • Office of Naval Research MURI: Devices and Architectures for THz Electronics
  • NSF grant: To research and develop a Wireless Neuro-sensing diagnostic system for the Physiological study of the Brain signals
  • Air Force with XCOM Phase II STTR: MEMS Enabled Ka-Band Phased Array
  • NSF with UC Davis: Methods and Algorithms from Harmonic Analysis for Threat Detection
  • Air Force with Traycer Phase I: Nondestructive Evaluation of Thick Outer Mold Line Paints and Coatings
  • Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd: Real-time THz Imaging of Malignant vs. Nerve Tissue
  • Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd: On-chip mm-wave beam former
  • AFSOR MURI with NewMexico: Metamaterial Slow-wave Structures for High-Power Microwave Devices
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to develop THz/Infrared Focal Plane Arrays
  • Navy Phase II STTR: IR-Transparent, mm-Wave Bandpass, Missile Dome Design
  • NASA Phase II STTR with LakeShore Cryotronics Inc. : Far IR & Sub mm-wave optical filters design
  • LakeShore Ohio 3rd Frontier project subcontract: Cryogenic THz Spectrometer Design


Improvement of the current THz Spectroscopic system for Bio-medial, food industry, THz device and material characterization

Current CW THz spectrometer is low power & dynamic range : partnering with Tryacer

Assisting in the development of a THz spectrometer in the cryogenic environment

Ongoing project: partnering with LakeShore

Improvement in spectroscopic sample characterization methods

New idea: working on theory

Developing an all  electronic spectrometer for more power, sensitivity & fast sample analysis

Ongoing under ONR MURI-DATE

Developing broadband optical/THz filters

  Ongoing project in simulation state with LakeShore

Developing IR-Transparent, mm-Wave bandpass filter for  Missile Dome Design

Ongoing project at fabrication state with AcreeTech